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Ideal Location North of Downtown Houston Category: Land/Pads for Sale


Category: Land/Pads for Sale

Ideal for apartments or office/warehouse
362ft deep / 138ft wide

The property surface is covered by concrete slab foudations & asphalt
   paved parking areas.  It was previously improved with an apartment

> Property uses: Ideal for apartments or office/warehouse.

> Sits in the vicinity and abuts Tuffly Park and the City of Houston Water
   Treatment Plant.

> Property is located a stoneís throw away to the North of Houstonís
   Central Business District (Downtown), within 7 short blocks to the East
   of Hwy 59 & a short few blocks to the North of Quitman Street (Liberty St)

> Property is 362 feet deep and 138 feet wide.

  • Category: Land/Pads for Sale
  • City: Houston
  • Type: Land

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